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Wed Jan 5 11:16:55 EST 2005

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Index: TODO
RCS file: /home/cvs/mtd/fs/jffs3/TODO,v
retrieving revision 3.7
retrieving revision 3.8
diff -u -r3.7 -r3.8
--- TODO	27 Dec 2004 10:14:08 -0000	3.7
+++ TODO	5 Jan 2005 16:16:52 -0000	3.8
@@ -39,12 +39,12 @@
      and JFFS2 suffered severely in the early days. Now that crc32 is
      very optimized that problem is less visible, but crc32 is still
      expensive. Maybe an Adler32 checksum is good enough or a crc16?
-   - Don't calculate a Adler32 checksum when comressing with zlib.
+   - Don't calculate a Adler32 checksum when compressing with zlib.
      JFFS2 already has its own checksum.
    - Consider changing the start seed to crc from 0 to -1. Zero
      is not a good start seed for crc
-   - Currently when JFFS3 founds any CRC error it prints warning message. This is right from one
+   - Currently when JFFS3 finds any CRC error it prints warning message. This is right from one
      hand. CRC errors may appear because of unclean reboots (1) and flash media corruptions (2).
      Unclean reboots happen rather often and, as result, one node may have CRC error (JFFS2 was in
      the middle of writing it when was rebooted uncleanly). Bu JFFS2 still prints CRC error warning.
@@ -61,9 +61,7 @@
      new node_ref and call add_physical_node_ref. That is sux. It
      doesn't merge obsolete nodes. Fix it.
      Wasted space accounting is broken. Pads are treated as dirty with
-     new changes. Either fix it or remove the notion of wasted space at
-     all - is it really needed? Why not to treat it just as dirty space?
-     Why do we need this?
+     new changes. Fix it. 
    - Summaries:
      1. In get_inode_nodes - do not check nodes CRC if their block
@@ -79,4 +77,6 @@
 	  this block was written, and we may trust this block - that
 	  means we may not check CRCs there.
+   - Wasted space: treat pads as wasted only if their size > ISDIRTY
+     (__flush_wbuf).

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