[PATCH 1/2] mt76: mt7921: enable aspm by default

Kalle Valo kvalo at codeaurora.org
Tue Jun 22 02:15:10 PDT 2021

Lorenzo Bianconi <lorenzo at kernel.org> writes:

>> From: Sean Wang <sean.wang at mediatek.com>
>> mt7921 is mainly used in NB, CE and IoT application where battery life is
>> much concerned so the patch enabled PCIe ASPM by default to shut off the
>> clocks related PCIe as much as possible when MT7921 is either in suspend
>> state or in runtime pm to lower power consumption.
>> We still leave disable aspm as an option with module_param for users to
>> disable ASPM if necessary.
> instead of adding a module parameter (deprecated)

Why is a module parameter deprecated? I have not heard about that.

> , why not just enable it by default for mt7921 and add a debugfs knob
> to flip it?

debugfs is not ideal for this kind of hardware configuration as debugfs
can be disabled. My preference is to use a module parameter.



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