[PATCH v1] gpio: mt7621: Assign base field in gpio_chip

Reto Schneider code at reto-schneider.ch
Sun Jun 13 08:51:31 PDT 2021

Hi Andy,

On 13.06.21 14:44, Andy Shevchenko wrote:
> It smells like a fixing non-existing bug. Yes, I understand that there 
> is some custom hardware with custom firmware which is using Linux kernel 
> with some never upstreamed patches. On top of this sysfs interface is 
> deprecated for already a few years and shouldn’t be considered as 1st 
> class citizen.
> That’s said, if there is no Fixes tag provided with clear point that _at 
> some point_ it was like this in upstream, I would tend to NAK this patch.

I did some digging and indeed, it turned out that I used the 
pre-mainline GPIO driver from OpenWRT even on Kernel 4.19 (for which the 
current driver already got mainlined).

Surely do agree on not breaking the interface in mainline, and the NAK.

Sorry for wasting your time!

Kind regards,

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