[PATCH net-next 0/2] net: mediatek: Add MT7621 TRGMII mode support

Andrew Lunn andrew at lunn.ch
Mon Jun 17 18:53:09 PDT 2019

> By adding some extra speed states in the code it seems to work.
> +               if (state->speed == 1200)
> +                       mcr |= PMCR_FORCE_SPEED_1000;

Hi René

Is TRGMII always 1.2G? Or can you set it to 1000 or 1200? This
PMCR_FORCE_SPEED_1000 feels wrong.

> >We could consider adding 1200BaseT/Full?
> I don't have any opinion about this.
> It is great that it shows nicely in ethtool but I think supporting more
> speeds in phy_speed_to_str() is enough.
> Also you may want to add other SOCs trgmii ranges too:
> - 1200BaseT/Full for mt7621 only
> - 2000BaseT/Full for mt7623 and mt7683
> - 2600BaseT/Full for mt7623 only

Are these standardised in any way? Or MTK proprietary?  Also, is the T
in BaseT correct? These speeds work over copper cables? Or should we
be talking about 1200BaseKX?


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