Aw: Re: Re: BUG: devm_regulator_get returns EPROBE_DEFER ( for bpi-r2/mt7623/mt7530

Frank Wunderlich frank-w at
Fri Aug 23 08:07:40 PDT 2019


Am 23. August 2019 16:43:47 MESZ schrieb Matthias Brugger <matthias.bgg at>:
>On 23/08/2019 14:00, Frank Wunderlich wrote:
>> in working version i only get this message in dmesg which
>> looks like a device-binding:
>> mt6323-regulator mt6323-regulator: Chip ID = 0x2023

>> mt6397 1000d000.pwrap:mt6323: unsupported chip: 0x0

>These are commit IDs from linux-next. At least file from 20190822
>pinpoint you to the correct commits.
>@frank: please don't use commit IDs from linux-next as the history
>rewritten every day and the IDs can change. Better search the tree to
>which they
>got applied and use the commit IDs from there (stating, of course,
>which tree
>you are looking at).

Is there any easy way to get the right tree?

Can you give me an example bases on this commit? I thought adding the commit-subject is enough to find it also in a dynamic tree

>Looking at commit
>a4872e80ce7d ("mfd: mt6397: Extract IRQ related code from core driver")
>you can see that it doesn't just move the code but also adds new logic
>mt6397_irq_init(). :(

I take a look at this function,thank you pointing to it

>It seems your chip_id is not supported yet. So you will have to find
>out which
>one it is and add it to the switch.

have posted it above ;) (0x2023)

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