[PATCH v5 01/10] dt-bindings: add powercontroller

Frank Wunderlich frank-w at public-files.de
Tue Aug 13 22:56:30 PDT 2019

Thank you for review

Am 13. August 2019 17:25:47 MESZ schrieb Rob Herring <robh+dt at kernel.org>:
>How does this get to v5 with such a terrible subject? At least give
some indication this is for some Mediatek chip.

I try to make a better one :) i thougt mt63xx was enough

> The recipient list needs some work too. Don't Cc git committers that
get_maintainers.pl lists.

I thought it should be send to all listed by this script...which have to be adressed?

> Unrelated change to what the subject says. Clean-ups and new things in
separate patches please.
How is this related to 'powercontroller'?

I will split changes into separate commits.

Btw. I can't reply-all because message-header gets broken,maybe too much recipients.

Regards Frank

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