[PATCH 0/9] improve performances on mediatek crypto driver

Ryder Lee ryder.lee at mediatek.com
Mon Feb 20 01:26:53 PST 2017

Hi all,

Some patches of this series improve the performances whereas others
clean up code and refine data structure to make it more efficient.

It also adds support to AES-OFB and AES-CFB128. The new mode has been
tested by using the tcrypt

Ryder Lee (9):
  crypto: mediatek - rework interrupt handler
  crypto: mediatek - add MTK_* prefix and correct annotations.
  crypto: mediatek - make mtk_sha_xmit() more generic
  crypto: mediatek - simplify descriptor ring management
  crypto: mediatek - add queue_task tasklet
  crypto: mediatek - fix error handling in mtk_aes_complete()
  crypto: mediatek - add mtk_aes_gcm_tag_verify()
  crypto: mediatek - make hardware operation flow more efficient
  crypto: mediatek - add support to OFB mode and CFB128 mode

 drivers/crypto/mediatek/mtk-aes.c      | 503 +++++++++++++++++++--------------
 drivers/crypto/mediatek/mtk-platform.c |  15 +-
 drivers/crypto/mediatek/mtk-platform.h |  56 ++--
 drivers/crypto/mediatek/mtk-sha.c      | 309 ++++++++------------
 4 files changed, 446 insertions(+), 437 deletions(-)


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