MT7623 Wifi SoC support questions

John Crispin blogic at
Wed Jul 1 04:04:25 PDT 2015

Hi all,

I am currently busy making the linux-mediatek support work on the MT7623
made by Mediatek/Ralink so we can add support to OpenWrt.

This SoC looks very similar to the MT8127. The main differences are that
it uses a MT6232 pmic and has pcie/ethernet.

I already managed to get lots of drivers up and running based on what
has been posted on this list. If do however have a few questions.

* I noticed that ARM_ARCH_TIMER is not selected in v4.1 If I only
register the mtk_timer, SMP comes up but the 3 extra cores seem to get
no timer irqs and the whole system seems to run very slow. Selecting
ARM_ARCH_TIMER makes the system boot fine. Is mtk_timer enough for other
MTK SoCs to work ?

* The MT7623 has a 7 port PWM that looks different to the display-pwm
driver that was posted. This PWM has an old and new mode. Oldmode looks
like classic period/duty cyle config, while the new mode has lots of
complexe features. the kernel PWM subsystem can only handle oldmode
style config right now so i was going to add a driver. is anyone working
on this already ? is this core mt7623 specific or do other SoCs have it
aswell ? The registers i have here are called PWMX_CON, PWMX_HDURATION,

* Is anyone working on NAND drivers ?

* Are there any other SoC around that have PCIE ?


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