[PATCH 2/4] coreboot: Add support for detecting Coreboot BIOS signatures

Philip Prindeville philipp_subx at redfish-solutions.com
Mon Dec 19 16:10:57 EST 2011

On 12/18/11 1:46 PM, David Woodhouse wrote:
> On Sun, 2011-12-18 at 13:46 -0700, Philip Prindeville wrote:
>> Add support for Coreboot BIOS detection. This in turn can be used by
>> platform drivers to verify they are running on the correct hardware,
>> as many of the low-volume SBC's (especially in the Atom and Geode
>> universe) don't always identify themselves via DMI or PCI-ID.
> It's Coreboot. So doesn't that mean we can just fix it to pass a
> device-tree to the kernel properly?
> Don't we only need this kind of hack for boards with crappy
> closed-source firmware?

How about this: we upstream the patches and as soon as I have access to a Geode-based box using a device-tree capable version of Coreboot, I'll add support...

BTW: the patches themselves seem to be stalled waiting on list-owner approval... I'll see if I can get them dislodged.


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