Timer (problem?) startup on at91rm9200

Josef Holzmayr holzmayr at rsi-elektrotechnik.de
Wed Oct 19 13:05:58 EDT 2011


I'm experiencing a problem where right after "Uncompressing linux..." 
the output on the debug serial is heavily garbled, e.g.: random characters.
With a logic analyzer, i've been able to read it nevertheless, after 
tweaking the analyzers baud rade to 110k instead of 115.2k.

The output in general looks pretty fine, the only thing that is clearly 
different is the BogoMIPS "measurement". On a good board, it show 
roughly 89, on the board experiencing problems it only read about 32.

So my guess is now that there's something fishy with the timers startup, 
or the startup proceeds before the pll is locked. Can anyone comment on 
this, or has similar experiences?

PS: all tests done with linux 3.0.

Thanks Joe
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