IDE driver for ARM

anubhav rakshit anubhavrocks at
Tue Mar 2 05:49:32 EST 2010

>           I am using S3C2440 ARM9 board and linux- kernel is ported
> and i am using the IDE of the board for our project application, the thing
> is i have used the address bus LADD1, LADDR2, LADDR3 and data bus
> LDATA0-LDATA7. Now i need to write some 8-bit data(say 0xAA) to the memory
> location 0x0800_0000 (nGCS1) and check that data(0xAA) is available on the
> data bus. How to do this in linux?

In userspace or kernel space?

Anubhav Rakshit

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