Loadable Module Compilation Options

David Wooff David.Wooff at calrec.com
Wed Dec 2 11:23:08 EST 2009

how do I establish what build options I need to compile a driver module
for my ARM processor?
I currently have a working kernel (2.6.30) running on an Atmel
AT91SAM9G20-EK and I'm able to compile a simple application in Eclipse
simply by pointing the compiler and linker commands to the appropriate
cross-compiler path with some very basic compiler options.  I can also
download to the target and run.
However, when I come to try to build a simple loadable driver module
(does nothing but print a kernel message), I get all sorts of build
errors.  I believe I'm missing a lot of options - things like __KERNEL__
and __LINUX_ARM_ARCH__ etc.  There is a makefile in
~/linux-2.6.30/arch/arm but it's geared towards building the kernel (I
think) and it is extremely hard to pick out exactly what I need.
Dave W.
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