[PATCH v2 08/25] arm64: Always keep DAIF.[IF] in sync

Hector Martin marcan at marcan.st
Thu Feb 18 09:42:01 EST 2021

On 18/02/2021 23.22, Mark Rutland wrote:
> I think that for consistency we always want to keep IRQ and FIQ in-sync,
> even when using GIC priorities. So when handling a pseudo-NMI we should
> unmask DAIF.DA and leave DAIF.IF masked.

In that case there's one more, in daifflags.h:local_daif_restore():

			 * If interrupts are disabled but we can take
			 * asynchronous errors, we can take NMIs
			flags &= PSR_I_BIT;

>> And a minor related one: should init_gic_priority_masking() WARN if FIQ is
>> masked too? This probably goes with the above.
> I think it should, yes.

Done for v3 then. Thanks!

Hector Martin (marcan at marcan.st)
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