[PATCH v1 00/18] Add HANTRO G2/HEVC decoder support for IMX8MQ

Benjamin Gaignard benjamin.gaignard at collabora.com
Wed Feb 17 03:28:09 EST 2021

Le 17/02/2021 à 09:08, Greg KH a écrit :
> On Wed, Feb 17, 2021 at 09:02:48AM +0100, Benjamin Gaignard wrote:
>> The IMX8MQ got two VPUs but until now only G1 has been enabled.
>> This series aim to add the second VPU (aka G2) and provide basic
>> HEVC decoding support.
> Why are you adding this directly to drivers/staging/media/ and not
> drivers/media/?  Why can't this just go to the main location and not
> live in staging?

G2/HEVC is added inside the already exiting Hantro driver, it is "just"
an other codec from Hantro driver point of view.
In addition of that v4l2-hevc uAPI is still unstable.
One goal of this series is to have one more consumer of this v4l2-hevc
uAPI so maybe we can claim it to be stable enough to move away from staging
and then do the same for Hantro driver. That would be a great achievement !


> thanks,
> greg k-h

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