Re: [PATCH mvebu v2 00/10] Armada 37xx: Fix cpufreq changing base CPU speed to 800 MHz from 1000 MHz

nnet nnet at
Tue Feb 16 00:48:08 EST 2021

> Could you test following change instead of PATCH 04/10? I added here also
> logic for 1.2 GHz variant with 1.132 V value another change is that
> value for load L0 is not touched as it is stable.

These changes to patch 04/10 worked going 600 MHz <-> 1.2 GHz , _but_ only with:

++#define MIN_VOLT_MV_FOR_L1_1200MHZ 1213

During this latest testing I saw freezes with 1132 mV.

I've had no lockups with 1213 mV which I just used from the values for L1/L0 from OTP.

I only tested with those two values.

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