[PATCH 00/20] Rid W=1 warnings in Crypto

Herbert Xu herbert at gondor.apana.org.au
Wed Feb 10 01:51:51 EST 2021

On Thu, Feb 04, 2021 at 11:09:40AM +0000, Lee Jones wrote:
> This set is part of a larger effort attempting to clean-up W=1
> kernel builds, which are currently overwhelmingly riddled with
> niggly little warnings.
> This is set 1 of 2 sets required to fully clean Crypto.
> Lee Jones (20):
>   crypto: hisilicon: sec_drv: Supply missing description for
>     'sec_queue_empty()'s 'queue' param
>   crypto: bcm: util: Repair a couple of documentation formatting issues
>   crypto: chelsio: chcr_core: File headers are not good candidates for
>     kernel-doc
>   crypto: ux500: hash: hash_core: Fix worthy kernel-doc headers and
>     remove others
>   crypto: bcm: spu: Fix formatting and misspelling issues
>   crypto: keembay: ocs-hcu: Fix incorrectly named functions/structs
>   crypto: bcm: spu2: Fix a whole host of kernel-doc misdemeanours
>   crypto: ux500: cryp: Demote some conformant non-kernel headers fix
>     another
>   crypto: ux500: cryp_irq: File headers are not good kernel-doc
>     candidates
>   crypto: chelsio: chcr_algo: Fix a couple of kernel-doc issues caused
>     by doc-rot
>   crypto: ux500: cryp_core: Fix formatting issue and add description for
>     'session_id'
>   crypto: atmel-ecc: Struct headers need to start with keyword 'struct'
>   crypto: bcm: cipher: Provide description for 'req' and fix formatting
>     issues
>   crypto: caam: caampkc: Provide the name of the function
>   crypto: caam: caamalg_qi2: Supply a couple of 'fallback' related
>     descriptions
>   crypto: vmx: Source headers are not good kernel-doc candidates
>   crypto: nx: nx-aes-cbc: Headers comments should not be kernel-doc
>   crypto: nx: nx_debugfs: Header comments should not be kernel-doc
>   crypto: nx: Demote header comment and add description for 'nbytes'
>   crypto: cavium: nitrox_isr: Demote non-compliant kernel-doc headers

Thanks for doing this.  But please don't split the patches at the
file level.  Instead split them at the driver level.  For example,
all of your bcm changes should be one patch.
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