[PATCH v3 0/5] arm64: dts: meson: add support for ODROID-HC4

Kevin Hilman khilman at baylibre.com
Wed Feb 3 14:27:07 EST 2021

On Tue, 2 Feb 2021 02:10:16 +0000, Christian Hewitt wrote:
> This series fixes minor sort-order issues in the Amlogic bindings yaml and
> dtb Makefile, then converts the existing ODROID-C4 dts into dtsi so we can
> support its new sister product the ODROID-HC4.
> I've also given the devices different audio card names. This is partly
> cosmetic, but also because HC4 is HDMI-only while C4 can be used with
> other i2c audio devices via an expansion connector so users may want to
> use different alsa configs.
> [...]

Applied, thanks!

[1/5] dt-bindings: arm: amlogic: sort SM1 bindings
      commit: ad6d08d9e909be81c135355716590304e99543b7
[2/5] arm64: dts: meson: sort Amlogic dtb Makefile
      commit: fd88408951aef8c3e6e6a1dd2f0acf47b45182a2
[3/5] arm64: dts: meson: convert meson-sm1-odroid-c4 to dtsi
      commit: e329e6681d55e2ab9b3d033f3ee38f09e96f2f9c
[4/5] dt-bindings: arm: amlogic: add ODROID-HC4 bindings
      commit: 1429c7d223ed436f54e1c30efa7f87eb15d50b31
[5/5] arm64: dts: meson: add initial device-tree for ODROID-HC4
      commit: 9be09db3e2adf5843ec1e20771c598e70d2bd34a

Best regards,
Kevin Hilman <khilman at baylibre.com>

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