[PATCH v14 5/5] remoteproc: Add initial zynqmp R5 remoteproc driver

Michael Auchter michael.auchter at ni.com
Fri Sep 18 12:07:21 EDT 2020

On Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 10:50:42PM +0000, Ben Levinsky wrote:
> In addition to device tree, is there particular linker script you use
> for your R5 application? For example with OCM? As presently this
> driver only has DDR and TCM as supported regions to load into 

The firmware is being loaded to TCM.

I'm able to use this driver to load and run my firmware on both R5
cores, but only after I change the incorrect:

	rpu_mode = lockstep_mode

assignment to:

	rpu_mode = lockstep_mode ? PM_RPU_MODE_LOCKSTEP

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