[PATCHv4 6/6] iommu: arm-smmu-impl: Remove unwanted extra blank lines

Sai Prakash Ranjan saiprakash.ranjan at codeaurora.org
Tue Sep 15 02:58:26 EDT 2020

On 2020-09-11 22:20, Sai Prakash Ranjan wrote:
> On 2020-09-11 22:04, Robin Murphy wrote:
>> On 2020-09-11 17:21, Sai Prakash Ranjan wrote:
>>> On 2020-09-11 21:37, Will Deacon wrote:
>>>> On Fri, Sep 11, 2020 at 05:03:06PM +0100, Robin Murphy wrote:
>>>>> BTW am I supposed to have received 3 copies of everything? Because 
>>>>> I did...
>>>> Yeah, this seems to be happening for all of Sai's emails :/
>>> Sorry, I am not sure what went wrong as I only sent this once
>>> and there are no recent changes to any of my configs, I'll
>>> check it further.
>> Actually on closer inspection it appears to be "correct" behaviour.
>> I'm still subscribed to LAKML and the IOMMU list on this account, but
>> normally Office 365 deduplicates so aggressively that I have rules set
>> up to copy list mails that I'm cc'ed on back to my inbox, in case they
>> arrive first and cause the direct copy to get eaten - apparently
>> there's something unique about your email setup that manages to defeat
>> the deduplicator and make it deliver all 3 copies intact... :/
> No changes in my local setup atleast, but in the past we have
> had cases with codeaurora mail acting weird or it could be my vpn,
> will have to check.

This was an issue with codeaurora servers and I am told that it is
fixed now.


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