[PATCHv5 0/2] soc: qcom: llcc: Support chipsets that can write to llcc regs

Sai Prakash Ranjan saiprakash.ranjan at codeaurora.org
Tue Sep 15 02:55:24 EDT 2020

Older chipsets may not be allowed to configure certain LLCC registers
as that is handled by the secure side software. However, this is not
the case for newer chipsets and they must configure these registers
according to the contents of the SCT table, while keeping in mind that
older targets may not have these capabilities. So add support to allow
such configuration of registers to enable capacity based allocation
and power collapse retention for capable chipsets.

Reason for choosing capacity based allocation rather than the default
way based allocation is because capacity based allocation allows more
finer grain partition and provides more flexibility in configuration.
As for the retention through power collapse, it has an advantage where
the cache hits are more when we wake up from power collapse although
it does burn more power but the exact power numbers are not known at
the moment.

Patch 1 is a cleanup to separate out llcc configuration to its own function.
Patch 2 adds support for chipsets capable of writing to llcc registers.

Changes in v5:
 * Move all config from qcom_llcc_cfg_program() (Stephen)
 * Minor code adjustments (Stephen)

Changes in v4:
 * Separate out llcc attribute config to its own function (Stephen)
 * Pass qcom_llcc_config instead of a new llcc_drvdata property (Doug)

Changes in v3:
 * Drop separate table and use existing qcom_llcc_config (Doug)
 * More descriptive commit msg (Doug)
 * Directly set the config instead of '|=' (Doug)

Changes in v2:
 * Fix build errors reported by kernel test robot.

Isaac J. Manjarres (1):
  soc: qcom: llcc: Support chipsets that can write to llcc

Sai Prakash Ranjan (1):
  soc: qcom: llcc: Move llcc configuration to its own function

 drivers/soc/qcom/llcc-qcom.c | 115 +++++++++++++++++++++++------------
 1 file changed, 75 insertions(+), 40 deletions(-)

base-commit: a1fb300d3fe5b038f5c436265c7265009016d234
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