[PATCH 03/10] regulator: of_regulator: Add missing colon for rdev kerneldoc argument

Mark Brown broonie at kernel.org
Thu Jun 25 13:29:42 EDT 2020

On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 05:36:07PM +0100, Lee Jones wrote:
> Kerneldoc validation gets confused if syntax isn't "@.*: ".
> Adding the missing colons squashes the following W=1 warnings:

>   * of_check_coupling_data - Parse rdev's coupling properties and check data
>   *			    consistency
> - * @rdev - pointer to regulator_dev whose data is checked
> + * @rdev: - pointer to regulator_dev whose data is checked

It shuts up the warning but are you sure this is going to get formatted
well by the tools?  We now have a - as the first character in the
description which I'm guessing the tools are going to render which won't
look great.
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