[PATCH] irqchip/gic: Atomically update affinity

Sasha Levin sashal at kernel.org
Thu Jun 25 10:53:58 EDT 2020


[This is an automated email]

This commit has been processed because it contains a "Fixes:" tag
fixing commit: 04c8b0f82c7d ("irqchip/gic: Make locking a BL_SWITCHER only feature").

The bot has tested the following trees: v5.7.5, v5.4.48, v4.19.129, v4.14.185, v4.9.228.

v5.7.5: Build OK!
v5.4.48: Build OK!
v4.19.129: Build OK!
v4.14.185: Build OK!
v4.9.228: Failed to apply! Possible dependencies:
    0c9e498286ef9 ("irqchip/gic: Report that effective affinity is a single target")

NOTE: The patch will not be queued to stable trees until it is upstream.

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