[PATCH v8] arm64: Expose FAR_EL1 tag bits in siginfo

Dave Martin Dave.Martin at arm.com
Tue Jun 23 10:57:48 EDT 2020

On Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 07:01:34PM -0700, Peter Collingbourne wrote:
> The kernel currently clears the tag bits (i.e. bits 56-63) in the fault
> address exposed via siginfo.si_addr and sigcontext.fault_address. However,
> the tag bits may be needed by tools in order to accurately diagnose
> memory errors, such as HWASan [1] or future tools based on the Memory
> Tagging Extension (MTE).


Minor nit: Can you stop making each version of this series in-reply-to
the previous series please?  Most people don't do that, and it's giving
me weird threading in my mailbox...


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