ARM: imx6: add missing put_device() call in imx6q_suspend_init()

Markus Elfring Markus.Elfring at
Tue Jun 23 08:00:09 EDT 2020

>>>>>> Do you find a previous update suggestion useful?
>>>>>> ARM: imx6: Add missing put_device() call in imx6q_suspend_init()
>> You can get relevant information from the referenced message archive interfaces,
>> can't you?
> Well, I'm asking you to resend to make sure the following:
>  - Use correct maintainer mailbox address.

Were the selected message recipients appropriate at 2019-11-09?

>  - You still care about the patch.

Partly, yes.

>  - The patch applies to v5.8-rc.

Would you like to try it out if my proposal is still valid?

Does the change approach by Yu Kuai supersede it?


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