[PATCH 14/15] net: phy: add PHY regulator support

Bartosz Golaszewski brgl at bgdev.pl
Tue Jun 23 05:41:11 EDT 2020

pon., 22 cze 2020 o 15:29 Russell King - ARM Linux admin
<linux at armlinux.org.uk> napisał(a):


> This is likely to cause issues for some PHY drivers.  Note that we have
> some PHY drivers which register a temperature sensor in the probe
> function, which means they can be accessed independently of the lifetime
> of the PHY bound to the network driver (which may only be while the
> network device is "up".)  We certainly do not want hwmon failing just
> because the network device is down.
> That's kind of worked around for the reset stuff, because there are two
> layers to that: the mdio device layer reset support which knows nothing
> of the PHY binding state to the network driver, and the phylib reset
> support, but it is not nice.

Regulators are reference counted so if the hwmon driver enables it
using mdio_device_power_on() it will stay on even after the PHY driver
calls phy_device_power_off(), right? Am I missing something?


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