[PATCH] ARM: dts: bcm2711: Use bcm2711 compatible for sdhci

Stephen Brennan stephen at brennan.io
Mon Jan 20 11:59:00 PST 2020

Hi Nicolas,

You're right, this patch doesn't work (it doesn't even touch the correct 
device tree node). My bad.

> Your UHS class 1 card should work out of the box using the current
> kernel version.

I've been debugging an issue (reproduced on today's linux-next) in which my 
UHS class 1 card's partitions don't show up in `/dev`. For example, if I do 
`ls /dev | grep mmc`, I get just one result, "mmcblk1". I thought my patch 
fixed the issue, but it turns out that the issue is sporadic: on some 
boots, the issue manifests. On others, the partitions appear in /dev as 
normal. When I tested this patch, the issue had sporadically disappeared, 
leading me to believe the patch was effective.

Sorry for the noise! If you have any suggestions on debugging this, I'd 
appreciate it. As far as I know it could be anything - the particular card, 
the particular Pi, etc.


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