✅ PASS: Test report for kernel 5.5.0-rc6-2556a8d.cki (arm-next)

CKI Project cki-project at redhat.com
Fri Jan 17 11:58:20 PST 2020


We ran automated tests on a recent commit from this kernel tree:

       Kernel repo: git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm64/linux.git
            Commit: 2556a8d3927a - Revert "arm64: Implement optimised checksum routine"

The results of these automated tests are provided below.

    Overall result: PASSED
             Merge: OK
           Compile: OK
             Tests: OK

All kernel binaries, config files, and logs are available for download here:


Please reply to this email if you have any questions about the tests that we
ran or if you have any suggestions on how to make future tests more effective.

        ,-.   ,-.
       ( C ) ( K )  Continuous
        `-',-.`-'   Kernel
          ( I )     Integration

Compile testing

We compiled the kernel for 1 architecture:

      make options: -j30 INSTALL_MOD_STRIP=1 targz-pkg

Hardware testing
We booted each kernel and ran the following tests:

    Host 1:
       ✅ Boot test
       ✅ Podman system integration test (as root)
       ✅ Podman system integration test (as user)
       ✅ LTP
       ✅ Loopdev Sanity
       ✅ Memory function: memfd_create
       ✅ AMTU (Abstract Machine Test Utility)
       ✅ Networking bridge: sanity
       ✅ Ethernet drivers sanity
       ✅ Networking MACsec: sanity
       ✅ Networking socket: fuzz
       ✅ Networking sctp-auth: sockopts test
       ✅ Networking: igmp conformance test
       ✅ Networking route: pmtu
       ✅ Networking route_func: local
       ✅ Networking route_func: forward
       ✅ Networking TCP: keepalive test
       ✅ Networking UDP: socket
       ✅ Networking tunnel: geneve basic test
       ✅ Networking tunnel: gre basic
       ✅ L2TP basic test
       ✅ Networking tunnel: vxlan basic
       ✅ Networking ipsec: basic netns transport
       ✅ Networking ipsec: basic netns tunnel
       ✅ audit: audit testsuite test
       ✅ httpd: mod_ssl smoke sanity
       ✅ tuned: tune-processes-through-perf
       ✅ ALSA PCM loopback test
       ✅ ALSA Control (mixer) Userspace Element test
       ✅ storage: SCSI VPD
       ✅ trace: ftrace/tracer
       🚧 ✅ CIFS Connectathon
       🚧 ✅ POSIX pjd-fstest suites
       🚧 ✅ jvm test suite
       🚧 ✅ Memory function: kaslr
       🚧 ✅ LTP: openposix test suite
       🚧 ✅ Networking vnic: ipvlan/basic
       🚧 ✅ iotop: sanity
       🚧 ✅ Usex - version 1.9-29
       🚧 ✅ storage: dm/common

    Host 2:
       ✅ Boot test
       ✅ xfstests: ext4
       ✅ xfstests: xfs
       ✅ selinux-policy: serge-testsuite
       ✅ lvm thinp sanity
       ✅ storage: software RAID testing
       ✅ stress: stress-ng
       🚧 ✅ IPMI driver test
       🚧 ✅ IPMItool loop stress test
       🚧 ✅ Storage blktests

  Test sources: https://github.com/CKI-project/tests-beaker
    💚 Pull requests are welcome for new tests or improvements to existing tests!

Waived tests
If the test run included waived tests, they are marked with 🚧. Such tests are
executed but their results are not taken into account. Tests are waived when
their results are not reliable enough, e.g. when they're just introduced or are
being fixed.

Testing timeout
We aim to provide a report within reasonable timeframe. Tests that haven't
finished running are marked with ⏱. Reports for non-upstream kernels have
a Beaker recipe linked to next to each host.

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