linux-next: Fixes tag needs some work in the arm-soc tree

Stephen Rothwell sfr at
Sun Jan 12 11:56:22 PST 2020

Hi all,

n commit

  0ff15a86d0c5 ("ARM: dts: stm32: Add power-supply for DSI panel on stm32f469-disco")

Fixes tag

  Fixes: 18c8866266 ("ARM: dts: stm32: Add display support on stm32f469-disco")

has these problem(s):

  - SHA1 should be at least 12 digits long
    Can be fixed by setting core.abbrev to 12 (or more) or (for git v2.11
    or later) just making sure it is not set (or set to "auto").

Also, please keep the commit message tags together.

Stephen Rothwell
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