[PATCH v2 2/2] ARM: dts: sun8i-r40: Add thermal sensor and thermal zones

Daniel Lezcano daniel.lezcano at linaro.org
Thu Jan 9 12:08:34 PST 2020

On 09/01/2020 14:13, Maxime Ripard wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> On Thu, Jan 09, 2020 at 12:51:27PM +0100, Daniel Lezcano wrote:
>> On 07/01/2020 08:58, Maxime Ripard wrote:
>>> On Mon, Jan 06, 2020 at 05:46:39PM +0000, Yangtao Li wrote:
>>>> There are two sensors, sensor0 for CPU, sensor1 for GPU.
>>>> Signed-off-by: Yangtao Li <tiny.windzz at gmail.com>
>>>> Tested-by: Corentin Labbe <clabbe.montjoie at gmail.com>
>>>> Tested-on: sun8i-r40-bananapi-m2-ultra
>>> As far as I know, tested-on is not documented anywhere (and isn't
>>> really used either). I've removed it and applied, thanks!
>> I think this patch should go through my tree as it refers to a commit in
>> my branch.
> I'm not quite sure to get why. Even though that patch depends on the
> one affecting the driver to be functional, it doesn't break anything
> when merged through arm-soc, and similarly yours doesn't affect any
> other tree if it's merged through your tree, so there's no dependency?

Sorry, I puzzled myself, I thought you meant you applied patch 1/2

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