[PATCH] tty/serial: atmel: RS485 & ISO7816: wait for TXRDY before sending data

Richard Genoud richard.genoud at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 00:52:30 PST 2020

Le 09/01/2020 à 08:33, Uwe Kleine-König a écrit :
> Hello,
> On Wed, Jan 08, 2020 at 02:45:05PM +0100, Richard Genoud wrote:
>> NB: MS exchange has added some =3D and =20 here and there, but git am
>> doesn't seems to be bothered by them.
> Unless I missed something I cannot confirm. In mutt I don't see any =3D
> or =20.
It's strange indeed. I double check under thunderbird and directly on my
webmail (posteo.de), there're =3D lying around in the message source.
But not on the other patches from linux-serial.

> Best regards
> Uwe

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