[PATCH v8 00/25] arm64: MMU enabled kexec relocation

Pavel Tatashin pasha.tatashin at soleen.com
Wed Jan 8 09:59:27 PST 2020

On Wed, Jan 8, 2020 at 12:32 PM Will Deacon <will at kernel.org> wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 04, 2019 at 10:59:13AM -0500, Pavel Tatashin wrote:
> > Many changes compared to version 6, so I decided to send it out now.
> > James Morse raised an important issue to which I do not have a solution
> > yet. But would like to discuss it.
> Thanks. In the meantime, I've queued the first 10 patches of the series
> since they look like sensible cleanup, they've been reviewed and it saves
> you from having to repost them when you make changes to the later stuff.

Great, thank you!


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