[PATCH] Documentation: networking: device drivers: sync stmmac_mdio_bus_data info

Jose Abreu Jose.Abreu at synopsys.com
Tue Jan 7 07:16:10 PST 2020

From: Dejin Zheng <zhengdejin5 at gmail.com>
Date: Jan/07/2020, 15:02:54 (UTC+00:00)

> Recent changes in the stmmac driver, it removes the phy_reset hook
> from struct stmmac_mdio_bus_data by commit <fead5b1b5838ba2>, and
> add the member of needs_reset to struct stmmac_mdio_bus_data by
> commit <1a981c0586c0387>.

This will file be no longer maitained as we are moving to RST format. 
Please see [1].

[1] https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/netdev/list/?series=151601

Jose Miguel Abreu

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