[PATCH v4 0/8] crypto: sun4i-ss: prevent always fallback for ciphers

Corentin Labbe clabbe at baylibre.com
Mon Dec 14 15:02:24 EST 2020


For help testing on "crypto: sun4i-ss - Fix sparse endianness markers",
I have added "stats" support like other allwinner's crypto drivers.
Seeing stats showed a clear problem, the ciphers function were not used
at all.
This is due to the not-inialized need_fallback which is "init" as true
So basicly, since the patch introduced it, this probem hidden some bugs.

This serie fixes all hidden problems, then fix the initialization of
"need_fallback" and then add the stats like other allwinner drivers.


changes since v3:
- patch #2: Rewrite test as suggested by David Laight
- patch #7: removed all ifdef CONFIG_CRYPTO_DEV_SUN4I_SS_DEBUG
- added kmap patch

Changes since v2:
- patch #1: move buf/bufo out of function for reducing stack usage
- patch #4: use writesl()
- patch #6: use IS_ENABLED instead of #ifdef

Changes since v1:
- patch #4 is sufficient to fix BE problem (removed todo)

Corentin Labbe (8):
  crypto: sun4i-ss: linearize buffers content must be kept
  crypto: sun4i-ss: checking sg length is not sufficient
  crypto: sun4i-ss: IV register does not work on A10 and A13
  crypto: sun4i-ss: handle BigEndian for cipher
  crypto: sun4i-ss: initialize need_fallback
  crypto: sun4i-ss: fix kmap usage
  crypto: sun4i-ss: enabled stats via debugfs
  crypto: sun4i-ss: add SPDX header and remove blank lines

 drivers/crypto/allwinner/Kconfig              |   9 +
 .../allwinner/sun4i-ss/sun4i-ss-cipher.c      | 196 +++++++++++-------
 .../crypto/allwinner/sun4i-ss/sun4i-ss-core.c |  52 +++++
 .../crypto/allwinner/sun4i-ss/sun4i-ss-hash.c |   6 +
 .../crypto/allwinner/sun4i-ss/sun4i-ss-prng.c |   6 +
 drivers/crypto/allwinner/sun4i-ss/sun4i-ss.h  |   8 +
 6 files changed, 207 insertions(+), 70 deletions(-)


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