[PATCH 00/12] soc: xilinx: vcu: Convert driver to clock provider

Stephen Boyd sboyd at kernel.org
Sun Dec 13 00:50:00 EST 2020

Quoting Michael Tretter (2020-11-15 23:55:20)
> Hello,
> the xlnx_vcu soc driver is actually a clock provider of a PLL and four output
> clocks created from the PLL via dividers.
> This series reworks the xlnx_vcu driver to use the common clock framework to
> enable other drivers to use the clocks. I originally posted a series to expose
> the output clocks as fixed clocks [0]. This series now implements the full
> tree from the PLL to the output clocks. Therefore, I am sending a separate
> series that focuses on the clocks, but it depends on v4 of the previous series
> [1].

After this series is this anything besides a clk provider? If it's only
providing clks it would make sense to move the driver into drivers/clk/

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