[PATCH v2 00/10] ARM: mstar: Add basic support for i2m and SMP

Arnd Bergmann arnd at kernel.org
Wed Dec 9 15:30:36 EST 2020

From: Arnd Bergmann <arnd at arndb.de>

On Tue, 1 Dec 2020 22:43:20 +0900, Daniel Palmer wrote:
> Sorry for spamming this. I wanted to fix the DT parts
> before anyone spent time looking at the DT related commits
> in v1.
> This series adds basic support for the infinity2m series
> of chips. For now the SigmaStar SSD202D which is a dual
> Cortex A7 in a QFN128 package.
> [...]

Applied to arm/dt, thanks!

[01/10] dt-bindings: mstar: Add binding details for mstar,smpctrl
        commit: 80e73332ee829cd55d86272b7d3d4d5f0fc4c4ff
[02/10] dt-bindings: vendor-prefixes: Add honestar vendor prefix
        commit: 43181b5d8072dd92513dca995789a1a1123ffc8a
[03/10] dt-bindings: mstar: Add Honestar SSD201_HT_V2 to mstar boards
        commit: 8c50a8b359c4f262a05ed5fb05373177d11bd20c
[04/10] ARM: mstar: Add infinity2m support
        commit: ba2290b1b7505b28912092a0976e071a447ee18c
[05/10] ARM: mstar: Add common dtsi for SSD201/SSD202D
        commit: 572ef97bc7341b45c721d79f98262c4adb25919c
[06/10] ARM: mstar: Add chip level dtsi for SSD202D
        commit: dbbaf35d589e554d5956780282feb5d62d7f2af6
[07/10] ARM: mstar: Add dts for Honestar ssd201htv2
        commit: 418cb58b45661724ba145bd769e53910ad9324b0
[08/10] ARM: mstar: Add smp ctrl registers to infinity2m dtsi
        commit: 570e471ce0540165aed5bc638e462de7c1110a28
[09/10] ARM: mstar: Wire up smpctrl for SSD201/SSD202D
        commit: ecaafac1eb73de8209680ec030769a2def4801e5
[10/10] ARM: mstar: SMP support
        commit: 5919eec0f09214901b09faeaf6341addebc57a89


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