[PATCH v8 00/16] Add support for Clang LTO

Arnd Bergmann arnd at kernel.org
Tue Dec 8 11:56:13 EST 2020

On Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 5:53 PM 'Sami Tolvanen' via Clang Built Linux
<clang-built-linux at googlegroups.com> wrote:
> > A small update here: I see this behavior with every single module
> > build, including 'tinyconfig' with one module enabled, and 'defconfig'.
> The .o file here is a thin archive of the bitcode files for the
> module. We compile .lto.o from that before modpost, because we need an
> ELF binary to process, and then reuse the .lto.o file when linking the
> final module.
> At no point should we link the .o file again, especially not with
> .lto.o, because that would clearly cause every symbol to be
> duplicated, so I'm not sure what goes wrong here. Here's the relevant
> part of scripts/Makefile.modfinal:
> # With CONFIG_LTO_CLANG, reuse the object file we compiled for modpost to
> # avoid a second slow LTO link
> prelink-ext := .lto
> ...
> $(modules): %.ko: %$(prelink-ext).o %.mod.o scripts/module.lds FORCE
>         +$(call if_changed,ld_ko_o)

Ah, it's probably a local problem now, as I had a merge conflict against
linux-next in this Makefile and I must have resolved the conflict incorrectly.


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