[PATCH v2] pwm: bcm2835: Support apply function for atomic configuration

Lino Sanfilippo LinoSanfilippo at gmx.de
Mon Dec 7 19:00:02 EST 2020


On 07.12.20 at 14:52, Uwe Kleine-König wrote:

> Given that the bcm2835 driver is quite trivial I would be happy to
> create a series that "fixes" the driver to round down and provide a
> prototype for pwm_round_nearest for you to test on pwm-ir-tx. A willing
> tester and a real use-case were the single two things that stopped me
> investing time here.

Should I send a v3 of the .apply() support for the bcm2835 driver before you start
such a rework? The v3 would contain the check against truncation of the period but
keep the round-closest strategy as it is.


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