[PATCH 00/20] ethernet: ucc_geth: assorted fixes and simplifications

Jakub Kicinski kuba at kernel.org
Sat Dec 5 15:53:51 EST 2020

On Sat,  5 Dec 2020 20:17:23 +0100 Rasmus Villemoes wrote:
> While trying to figure out how to allow bumping the MTU with the
> ucc_geth driver, I fell into a rabbit hole and stumbled on a whole
> bunch of issues of varying importance - some are outright bug fixes,
> while most are a matter of simplifying the code to make it more
> accessible.
> At the end of digging around the code and data sheet to figure out how
> it all works, I think the MTU issue might be fixed by a one-liner, but
> I'm not sure it can be that simple. It does seem to work (ping -s X
> works for larger values of X, and wireshark confirms that the packets
> are not fragmented).
> Re patch 2, someone in NXP should check how the hardware actually
> works and make an updated reference manual available.

Looks like a nice clean up on a quick look.

Please separate patches 1 and 11 (which are the two bug fixes I see)
rebase (retest) and post them against the net tree:


so they are available for backports.

The reset should go into net-next:


Please indicate the tree in the tag like [PATCH net] or [PATCH
net-next] so the test bots know which base to use for testing.


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