[PATCH 4/8] clk: sunxi-ng: Add support for the Allwinner H616 R-CCU

Samuel Holland samuel at sholland.org
Wed Dec 2 21:44:29 EST 2020

On 12/2/20 12:20 PM, Jernej Škrabec wrote:
>> +};
>> +
>> +static struct clk_hw_onecell_data sun50i_h616_r_hw_clks = {
>> +	.hws	= {
>> +		[CLK_R_AHB]		= &r_ahb_clk.hw,
>> +		[CLK_R_APB1]		= &r_apb1_clk.common.hw,
>> +		[CLK_R_APB2]		= &r_apb2_clk.common.hw,
>> +		[CLK_R_APB1_TWD]	= &r_apb1_twd_clk.common.hw,
> Do we know if TWD exists? I tested I2C and IR. What is your source for these 
> clocks?

Looking at https://github.com/orangepi-xunlong/linux-orangepi and comparing
drivers/clk/sunxi/clk-sun50iw[69].h, I see:

 /* PRCM Register List */
 #define CPUS_CFG            0x0000
 #define CPUS_APBS1_CFG      0x000C
 #define CPUS_APBS2_CFG      0x0010
-#define CPUS_TIMER_GATE     0x011C
 #define CPUS_TWDOG_GATE     0x012C
-#define CPUS_PWM_GATE       0x013C
-#define CPUS_UART_GATE      0x018C
 #define CPUS_TWI_GATE       0x019C
 #define CPUS_RSB_GATE       0x01BC
 #define CPUS_CIR_CFG        0x01C0
 #define CPUS_CIR_GATE       0x01CC
 #define CPUS_OWC_CFG        0x01E0
 #define CPUS_OWC_GATE       0x01EC
 #define CPUS_RTC_GATE       0x020C
 #define CPUS_CLK_MAX_REG    0x020C

which suggests that TWD is still there, along with OWC/W1 and an undocumented
RSB controller like the one in H6. Jernej, can you check RSB? It should be
PL0/PL1 function 2 and MMIO base 0x7083000.


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