incorrect setting of MT_DEVICE_ mem_types TEX bits on ARMv7?

Henry Gomersall henry.gomersall at
Tue Dec 1 06:44:39 EST 2020

Looking at the configuration of the TEX bits for mem_types[MT_DEVICE]
and  mem_types[MT_DEVICE_NONSHARED] in mmu.c, they seem to be
inconsistent with the technical reference manual.

Relevant lines:

The ARM architecture reference manual ARMv7-A and ARMv7-R, table B3-10
in section B3.8.2 describes the strongly-ordered TEX bits as 00 or 10
for shared and unshared respectively.

MT_DEVICE_WC is set as I'd expect (the buffering-on case).

It's more than possible I'm missing something, in which case I'd
appreciate knowing!



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