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Christopher Lameter cl at
Fri Mar 22 10:57:26 PDT 2019

On Fri, 22 Mar 2019, Nick Kossifidis wrote:

> But keep in mind that 'irqs disabled' is a fundamentally unsafe way of
> disabling preemption - any cond_resched() or cond_resched_lock() might trigger
> a reschedule if the preempt count is 0. A simple printk() might trigger a
> reschedule. So use this implicit preemption-disabling property only if you
> know that the affected codepath does not do any of this. Best policy is to use
> this only for small, atomic code that you wrote and which calls no complex
> functions."

Really? Preemption tracks hardirq status if you use the kernel provided
way to disabling and enabling interrupts. See


 * We put the hardirq and softirq counter into the preemption
 * counter. The bitmask has the following meaning:
 * - bits 0-7 are the preemption count (max preemption depth: 256)
 * - bits 8-15 are the softirq count (max # of softirqs: 256)
 * The hardirq count could in theory be the same as the number of
 * interrupts in the system, but we run all interrupt handlers with
 * interrupts disabled, so we cannot have nesting interrupts. Though
 * there are a few palaeontologic drivers which reenable interrupts in
 * the handler, so we need more than one bit here.
 *         PREEMPT_MASK:        0x000000ff
 *         SOFTIRQ_MASK:        0x0000ff00
 *         HARDIRQ_MASK:        0x000f0000
 *             NMI_MASK:        0x00100000
 * PREEMPT_NEED_RESCHED:        0x80000000
#define PREEMPT_BITS    8
#define SOFTIRQ_BITS    8
#define HARDIRQ_BITS    4
#define NMI_BITS        1

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