[PATCH 0/2] Improve VCHIQ cache line size handling

Stefan Wahren stefan.wahren at i2se.com
Sun Sep 16 08:25:19 PDT 2018


> Phil Elwell <phil at raspberrypi.org> hat am 12. September 2018 um 18:42 geschrieben:
> Both sides of the VCHIQ communications mechanism need to agree on the cache
> line size. Using an incorrect value can lead to data corruption, but having the
> two sides using different values is usually worse.
> In the absence of an obvious convenient run-time method to determine the
> correct value in the ARCH=arm world, the downstream Raspberry Pi trees used a
> Device Tree property, written by the firmware, to configure the kernel driver.
> This method was vetoed during the upstreaming process, so a fixed value of 32
> was used instead, and some corruptions ensued. This is take 2 at arriving at
> the correct value.
> Part one of the fix is deriving the correct value from the ARM's cpuid register.
> Part two is a (seemingly cosmetic) correction of the Device Tree reg declaration
> used by the driver, but it doubles as an indication to the Raspberry Pi firmware
> that the kernel driver is running a recent kernel driver that chooses the
> correct value. As such I would like very much for the DT patch not to be merged
> before the driver patch - just tell me what hoops I need to jump through.

even if this version isn't the best, the test results for vchiq_test -f 1 (using recent firmware 2018-09-10) are very good:

Raspberry 1 B, bcm2835_defconfig -> success
Raspberry 2 B, multi_v7_defconfig -> success
Raspberry 3 B, arm64/defconfig -> success

Thanks Stefan

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