[PATCH v9 5/9] media: platform: Add Cedrus VPU decoder driver

Maxime Ripard maxime.ripard at bootlin.com
Wed Sep 12 00:23:47 PDT 2018

On Tue, Sep 11, 2018 at 12:46:25PM -0300, Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:
> Em Fri,  7 Sep 2018 00:24:38 +0200
> Paul Kocialkowski <contact at paulk.fr> escreveu:
> > From: Paul Kocialkowski <paul.kocialkowski at bootlin.com>
> > 
> > This introduces the Cedrus VPU driver that supports the VPU found in
> > Allwinner SoCs, also known as Video Engine. It is implemented through
> > a V4L2 M2M decoder device and a media device (used for media requests).
> > So far, it only supports MPEG-2 decoding.
> > 
> > Since this VPU is stateless, synchronization with media requests is
> > required in order to ensure consistency between frame headers that
> > contain metadata about the frame to process and the raw slice data that
> > is used to generate the frame.
> > 
> > This driver was made possible thanks to the long-standing effort
> > carried out by the linux-sunxi community in the interest of reverse
> > engineering, documenting and implementing support for the Allwinner VPU.
> > 
> > Signed-off-by: Paul Kocialkowski <paul.kocialkowski at bootlin.com>
> > Acked-by: Maxime Ripard <maxime.ripard at bootlin.com>
> There are several checkpatch issues here. Ok, some can be
> ignored, but there are at least some of them that sounda relevant.

Sorry for that. Given that it's intended to be in staging, do you want
us to send subsequent patches or the whole serie?


Maxime Ripard, Bootlin
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering
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