[rfc] leds: add TI LMU backlight driver

Pavel Machek pavel at ucw.cz
Thu Sep 6 03:16:15 PDT 2018


> > Well, I don't think object file size is huge problem. First,
> > "distribution" kernel with support for 6 different chips will be ~71k,
> > while your proposal will result in ~136k. Second, yes, we could put
> > ifdefs into ti-lmu data file to make it smaller.
> > 
> > Anyway, clean source code and easy maintainance is more important.
> I am going to reply here and snip the rest of the chain.
> My proposal is to create a ti-lmu-led-common file that contains all the common
> code.  We can have LED drivers use that common code to perform the common tasks.
> This can then be extended to other devices past, present or future that have the
> same feature set.

Sounds good. But we'll still need to have the structure with register
info, right?

> Then the register maps and LED registration can be contained in each LED driver and any additional features
> can be supported in the LED driver.  The common code will retrieve any device settings from
> the firmware that it is interested in.

From the device tree?

> I can throw some code together and RFC the code.  This way we get the common core for the
> chips and not the bloat or messy source with a single driver.
> And yes I can put this together and support it if it is needed.  I just need to go get the EVMs
> so I can test it.

Well, if possible, I'd like to see how the code would look. Example
for single LED type would be enough... If it is reasonable, I can port
it to Droid 4 or at least provide testing.

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