[PATCH v2 13/40] vfio: Add support for Shared Virtual Addressing

Jean-Philippe Brucker jean-philippe.brucker at arm.com
Mon Sep 3 03:34:29 PDT 2018

On 01/09/18 03:23, Xu Zaibo wrote:
> As one application takes a whole function while using VFIO-PCI, why do 
> the application and the
> function need to enable PASID capability? (Since just one I/O page table 
> is enough for them.)

At the moment the series doesn't provide support for SVA without PASID
(on the I/O page fault path, 08/40). In addition the BIND ioctl could be
used by the owner application to bind other processes (slaves) and
perform sub-assignment. But that feature is incomplete because we don't
send stop_pasid notification to the owner when a slave dies.


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