Potential deadlock in vgic

Jan Glauber jan.glauber at caviumnetworks.com
Fri May 4 04:03:44 PDT 2018

Hi all,

enabling lockdep I see the following reported in the host when I start a kvm guest:

[12399.954245]        CPU0                    CPU1
[12399.958762]        ----                    ----
[12399.963279]   lock(&(&dist->lpi_list_lock)->rlock);
[12399.968146]                                local_irq_disable();
[12399.974052]                                lock(&(&vgic_cpu->ap_list_lock)->rlock);
[12399.981696]                                lock(&(&dist->lpi_list_lock)->rlock);
[12399.989081]   <Interrupt>
[12399.991688]     lock(&(&vgic_cpu->ap_list_lock)->rlock);
                *** DEADLOCK ***

[12400.002897] 2 locks held by qemu-system-aar/5597:
[12400.007587]  #0: 0000000042beb9dc (&vcpu->mutex){+.+.}, at: kvm_vcpu_ioctl+0x7c/0xa68
[12400.015411]  #1: 00000000c45d644a (&(&vgic_cpu->ap_list_lock)->rlock){-.-.}, at: kvm_vgic_sync_hwstate+0x8c/0x328

There is nothing unusual in my config or qemu parameters, I can upload these
if needed. I see this on ThunderX and ThunderX2 and also with older kernels
(4.13+ distribution kernel).

I tried making the lpi_list_lock irq safe but that just leads to different
warnings. The locking here seems to be quite sophisticated and I'm not familiar
with it.

Full dmesg: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BZ5QTg62Ym/


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