[PATCH] arm64: asid: Do not replace active_asids if already 0

Catalin Marinas catalin.marinas at arm.com
Thu Jan 4 06:18:41 PST 2018

On Thu, Jan 04, 2018 at 11:40:28AM +0000, Will Deacon wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 04, 2018 at 11:17:21AM +0000, Catalin Marinas wrote:
> > (and we now have a formally verified ASID allocator ;))
> It would be cool to mention the verifier in the commit message; potentially
> even including the code somewhere so that it can be used to test future
> changes.

Good idea. I pushed it here:


(keeping the repository name generic as I may push other specs)

> Acked-by: Will Deacon <will.deacon at arm.com>
> Reviewed-by: Will Deacon <will.deacon at arm.com>



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