v4.13 on nokia n900: oops during tethering

Pavel Machek pavel at ucw.cz
Wed Feb 14 02:27:52 PST 2018


> > During tethering, I got oops in ssi_stop_tx(), followed by failure of
> > GPRS. I used GPRS tethering a lot with some older kernel, and it was
> > stable for hours.
> > 
> > It seems v4.12 has the same problem. In v4.15 usb networking does not
> > work at all, so I can't test... v4.10 seems to have similar problem. (Testing is
> > slighlty tricky, as my internet connection is ... tethering using
> > N900.)
> Based on a quick look ssi_stop_tx() is called too many times (i.e. once
> more than ssi_start_tx()). This would appear to be an interal problem
> with the SSI codebase (or whatever lies there; I don't know the current
> codebase).

If you had ideas for debugging patch or maybe a workaround, that would
be nice...

> Did this work in the past? When? There appear to have been changes in IRQ
> handling some time in 2016...

I could not find working version. It looks like it really depends on
workload... tethering over USB triggers it quickly, but apparently
only if I generate "right" ammount of network load.

There were also some power management changes....

GPRS traffic generated from N900 does not seem to trigger the problem,
or not easily.

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