[RFT PATCH] arm64: add support for building the KASLR kernel with LLVM lld

Will Deacon will.deacon at arm.com
Mon Dec 3 08:58:53 PST 2018

On Sat, Dec 01, 2018 at 02:57:34PM +0100, Ard Biesheuvel wrote:
> Work around some differences in the behavior of ld.lld as compared
> to lb.bfd:
> - pass the -z notext and -z norelro options to convince the linker to
>   permit text relocations, and relro sections that are non-adjacent
>   (both of which are irrelevant for bare metal executables such as the
>   kernel)
> - move the definition of some __efistub_ decorated section markers to
>   the linker script, which permits us to assign them as relative
>   quantities (since using an intermediate assignment loses the section
>   relative property when using ld.lld)

I'd prefer not to work around a linker bug in today's lld just for KASLR
if it's anything more than passing a funny set of linker options.

Can you respin without this part, please?


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