Possible gcc 4.8.5 bug about RELOC_HIDE marcro

Mikael Pettersson mikpelinux at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 00:53:27 PDT 2017

Jia He writes:
 > I tried to build kernel 4.14-rc1 on a arm64 server in distro centos 7.3. 
 > The gcc version is 4.8.5

I have no input on the specifics of the issue, but please note that gcc-4.8
is no longer supported or maintained by upstream.  Even gcc-4.9 is EOL, and
gcc-5 will be EOL:d inn a week or so.  Also I'll note that gcc-4.8 is still
fairly early wrt to arm64 support, so bugs may be expected.

In short, please retry with gcc-6.4 or gcc-7.2.

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